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Japan Day 8 - Kyoto

First full day in Kyoto.

First stop the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine home to the thousands of vermilion Torrii gates. I’d like to say I enjoyed it but it was overrun by tourists. I quickly nicknamed it “the great traffic jam'“ I enjoyed photographing all the tourists with their selfie sticks and great poses. After the initial crowds it was a bit clearer at the top. I didn’t quite realise how long the tunnel of gates went on for!

After reaching a good view point I sat down and googled ‘where to go in Kyoto to avoid tourists?’

I quickly found Gio-ji Temple and Moss Garden in Northern Kyoto. After a quick coffee and some drawing I took a train about 20 mins to my stop.

I stopped off in a beautiful traditional house for lunch.

I accidentally ended up in another temple first called Danrinji which also had a moss garden! I was literally the only person in there so I sat and did some drawing. Quite a difference from the Kyoto i’d seen in the morning! Then I went the Gio-ji temple… which was also nearly empty!

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