New Project (Who's Next?)

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Who’s Next? (working title) is an ongoing exploration, documenting interesting figures of the Cardiff community. I started by documenting Zak, a stick ‘n’ poke tattoo artist who I got to know through Instagram. From there I’ve documented people who’d either been recommended to me, had contacted me or I had met personally. I want this project to be organic in it’s approach. I like the idea of not planning where it will take me or knowing all of the characters I might meet along the way. Cardiff is often an overlooked UK city but I believe there are a lot of people here who are benefiting the community and Cardiff’s culture in a positive way. I plan to meet as many people as possible, and show their stories through my camera, and show why I think Cardiff is a thriving city that has a lot to offer.

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Billygoats & Raincoats is a clothing brand that makes rainwear from recycled tents left at festivals, they’re currently working on a collection of kids raincoats. They also plan to launch more products in the coming year, I look forward to documenting more of their progress.



Eartha is a pop up plant shop ran by Stephen Peckham. Eartha specialises in indoor plants, ceramics, planters and prints. Eartha has recently moved to it’s new home at Milgi’s, a plant-based cafe on City road.



Home by Kirsty is a little shop based in Roath selling all variety of homeware products. Kirsty stocks an array of products created by local creatives and also runs an online store. It was great to talk to Kirsty about what it’s like running a independent business, and the importance of independent businesses in Cardiff.



Casper White is an award winning portrait painter who recently had his work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. His work has appeared in many galleries all over the UK and internationally. Casper’s current work explores the clubbing subculture, he is interested by the fantasy and careless abandon these environments foster. See more of his work here:



Cardiff Salad Garden is a not-for-profit social enterprise combining growing and selling fresh cut salad leaves whilst working with disadvantaged groups of individuals from in and around Cardiff. The salad produced is distributed via bicycle to restaurants around the city.



Zak is a stick ‘n’ poke tattoo artist working at Frontier tattoo parlour. He also works at Hardlines Coffee Shop an independent coffee shop and roasters that recently crowdfunded their new coffee shop which will be opening soon.



Cardiff Violins is Wales’s largest Violin shop. Established in 1984 by Christopher King the shop and workshop has been based at Castle Arcade balcony for 25 years. I was lucky enough to visit the workshop that repairs and restores instruments for musicians from all over the world. It was honour photograph true craftsman at work.




More coming soon… Stay tuned